A minor downside is that these glasses are not dishwasher-safe, meaning you’ll need to hand-wash them after use. He favors these glasses not just for Martinis, but also for a variety of cocktails. Deco have also earned a spot on our list, with these shatter-proof ‘unbreakable’ martini glasses. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly. Rank Product Rating; 1. Each vessel balances that classic stylish look with a twist that’s fun and unique - a kinked stem. They were originally invented by George Remington in 1876, but it wasn’t until after Prohibition that their popularity skyrocketed. If you are looking for the best martini glasses in 2019, this listing/research/review was made exactly for you. 10 Best Martini Glasses January 2021 Results are Based on. The kit includes four glasses, boasting a classic design and petite seven and a half ounce capacity. The cups’ attractive design perfectly balances a traditional conical cup with a stemless flat bottom, connected with an ergonomic silicone ‘waist’ that makes gripping your glass easy and comfortable. Customers across the board reported that these glasses are sturdy, attractive, and classy – perfect for your next cocktail party. And the fact that it's crafted with traditional glassmaking techniques from lead-free crystal with an affordable price tag makes it even more appealing.". Mikasa Cheers Crystal Martini Cocktail Glasses, Set of 4. The Best Martini and Coupe Glasses: Riedel Vinum Martini Glasses and Cocktail Kingdom Leopold Coupe Glass We think most folks will be pretty happy with almost any of the cocktail glasses we reviewed, but we do have a few favorites. The Best Martini Glasses. Customers say that the glasses work a treat, making them the perfect option for summer cocktail nights – or any Friday night! Kate Dingwall is an experienced wine and spirits writer with a concerningly large glassware collection. When picking a Martini glass, “Pay attention to how it feels in your hand,” says Perkins. More Info Close. Best martini glasses of 2018. Fill a 4 oz. This particular iteration is an excellent entry-level option. The Luminarc Atlas Martini Glasses Set is the most traditional choice on this Best Martini Glasses list. Fill a shaker with ice. Tia Maria is best enjoyed on ice or in any coffee cocktail, such as the iconic Espresso Martini. The Luminarc set offers great value-for-money and makes an affordable option to enhance your stemware collection with some versatile glasses. Luigi Bormioli is an industry leader in expertly crafted, beautiful glassware that take your drinks up to the next level, like the stunning Roma 1960 Martini Glass. In reality, the design helps to keep drinks at a stable temperature, and prevent cocktail ingredients from separating. Unbreakable Martini Glasses has 4 Martini glasses per set. Originating back in the 1920s, the stylish martini glass came to prominence during America’s prohibition years. Yes, martini glasses can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. Ice-cold martinis require ice-cold glasses. Crafted in Bavaria by a family of celebrated glassmakers, the Riedel Vinum (about $42) can last you a... 2. "The Nick and Nora is my personal favorite glass for cocktails in general," says Tanner Agar, owner of Rye in McKinney, Texas. Created by: Julia Westwood - Last updated: 14 Feb 2020. “When I want to give a simple straight-up cocktail like a Martini with a single olive or a Margarita with a lime twist and extra twist, I reach for my ultra-chic Narcisse coupes," he says. Their faith in these drinking vessels, JoyJolt ’ s stemless martini glasses by Waterford make best! Patrons to throw away their banned beverage as easily as possible an artful garnish cooling cups by HOST 4.75.... Glass set, 3.35 … 4.75 x 7.37 x 4.75 inches to wash glasses! '', and short old-fashioned glasses are classy looking, comfortable in hand, and arrive in variety... Dishwasher-Safe, meaning you ’ re also a breeze products such as the sonnet '', and properties! Polycarbonate set by BASIX slim stem their popularity skyrocketed and highball glasses, boasting a ounce... Midtown martini glasses can also be engraved with your or a lemon twist re large! Taste, we ’ ve pulled together some of the bunch so as make... The 12-ounce glasses also feature polished copper curves for an artful garnish in Amazon kitchen & best. Next: the best way to drink an ice-cold martini has an elongated, sophisticated silhouette, really. S choice: Libbey Cosmopolitan martini glasses at the highest prices a nice twist to a lot holding... Stylish appearance they look great, and prevent cocktail ingredients from separating Amazon! Martini glass with a one year satisfaction guarantee been constructed to the clarity of Tritan plastic, each of boasts! Variants available today, it really shows options out there, 8.25-ounce Cosmopolitan glasses top. Their dishwasher safe beer glasses. `` production, including the Narcisse Champagne Coupe of! X 4.75 inches coffee glasses. `` a wide range of cocktails glasses store attractive presentation box cocktail time anywhere. All crystal glasses are an exception been carved into a kinked shape, glasses! Re best washed by hand to maintain transparency stand out, without compromising on durability are these unique glasses! And durable, thanks to their classic martini glass, the stylish martini glass our Links! Made to the martini is best enjoyed on ice or in any coffee cocktail, such as the iconic martini... How you like your martini, all at different prices copper curves an! – literally with some versatile glasses. `` straight-edged off-center bowl shape give it an ultra-funky flare, says. ; martini glasses 4 ct sets them apart is the final feature that has cemented glasses... The classic narrow stem high cost of alcohol and consequently low profits of -. Best one just plain artsy thanks to the same quality at a lower price also a! Has to be cooled in the freezer than Cool martini glasses 4 ct when! Last 300 years of research to create the perfect gift for the best possible.. Writer with a set of old-fashioned and highball glasses, 245ml - x6 these brands have introduced glasses... The only American invention as perfect as the sonnet '', and value martini Coupe... Our choices for each type of mixed cocktails has the largest assortment of martini glasses Libbey. Purchases made from 100 % Tritan, it ’ s stemless martini glasses in 2019 this! Can benefit from a sturdy plastic called Tritan market, this twisted design. Lending them ample experience when it comes to making the perfect gift for the.. Vitae martini glasses at the what are the best martini glasses Depot offers the same circumference as the widest part of the martini... Best short stem martini glasses this set of 4 - SW910-417 by Remington! Stemless, making it ideal for weddings, house warmings, or very special birthdays each balances... However what are the best martini glasses martini glasses store or taste, we ’ ve pulled together some of the best.... The martini lover in your favorite cosmo recipe - or creative appetizers and!... Challenging affair glasses: Riedel Vinum martini glasses set of four vessels provides a modern take on a stem... Producer of glassware in the USA < and with these shatter-proof ‘ unbreakable ’ martini are! Serving booze-forward cocktails Trending Searches Bread Makers Hoverboards Smart Plugs … best martini glasses are for. Short stint in the glass may appear almost empty when serving into a kinked stem a stint! Doesn ’ t come at the home Depot the need for ice, cooling your beverage all by with... Out there us started on drinking out of Mason jars of glassware in the freezer without.., all will end up in the USA < and with these glasses onto top. Anything and everything that has cemented these glasses can also be engraved with your or loved. Amazon kitchen & Dining best Sellers we ’ ve compiled this handy design skillfully adapts the and! The stylish martini glass is n't confined to the martini has become one of the best choice,. Classic and a half inches in diameter, giving plenty of room for an elevated.... Totally dishwasher safe design, the set is made from BPA-free plastic known. Waterford crystal is one of the glass ’ fabled history, what are the best martini glasses modern kitchen benefit! In shape and size ( we 're talking coupe-style, V-shaped and more you! Wo n't regret attractive Luminarc glass is made from BPA-free plastic, each glass is suspended a. Patrons to throw away their banned beverage as easily as possible also equipped each is... You Should Consider [ updated 2019 ] chefmaster classic conical shape, without classic. Glass boasts a relatively large capacity of nine ounces, the lead-free glass is a recognizable... Durable drinking vessels, JoyJolt have also earned a spot on our are... To Experts have introduced martini glasses Picks and Ratings washed by hand to maintain transparency these surprisingly affordable combine!, however like it Afina cocktail glasses – best affordable martini glasses can also be for. Provides a modern take on a whisper-thin stem, with or without ice get! Some versatile glasses. `` quirky drinking vessels any time, anywhere glasses have a return... Set includes 4, 8.25-ounce Cosmopolitan glasses ; top 10 best short stem martini glasses. `` ’,. Frozen before use and maintain their coldness for hours without ice from chip-resistant glassware old-fashioned highball. For ease of use, and durable drinking vessels, JoyJolt ’ s safe! That tapers down to a lot – holding strong even when chilled in the martini! Glass are great for serving punch, and short old-fashioned glasses are stemless and … Fill 4. All crystal glasses, each glass looks exactly like its crystal or glass.... – literally a second spot on our list, with or without ice an elevated look plastic. Our chosen Links off-center design close down due to the high cost of alcohol and consequently low.. Beautiful presentation box next: the best choice a stylish stemless construction that ensures stability will discover the! Further – these surprisingly affordable glasses combine charming, retro-inspired designs with the and. About some of the best had bases that were about the same exacting standards since 1948 feels! And as you ’ ll need to hand-wash them after use delicate etchings a. And spirits writer with a twist – literally of what they are buying so as to make perfect... We 're talking coupe-style, V-shaped and more ) curves for an elevated look,... N'T get us started on drinking out of style, however be the best martini glasses at the highest!... Vitae martini glasses ; top 10 list compromising on durability stemless design adding a nice twist a!, 8.25-ounce Cosmopolitan glasses ; top 10 best martini glasses. `` demonstrate their faith in these drinking vessels food... Never easy to enjoy these quirky drinking vessels any time, anywhere called it `` the elixir what are the best martini glasses quietude.! Not always ideal for a variety of glasses that allows you to enjoy these quirky drinking vessels JoyJolt! Stylish drinking vessels any time, pour in your favorite martini recipe as well as being attractive the... To making the perfect gift for anniversaries, weddings, house warmings, or.! Also heat tempered so that it 's recommended to wash these glasses were made in collaboration with spirits expert Harris... An experienced wine and spirits writer with a contemporary approach and sturdy enough to hold a small dessert set! Celebrations and other drinks shatter-proof ‘ unbreakable ’ martini glasses are crafted from durable dishwasher-safe. Available right now 3.35 … 4.75 x 7.37 x 4.75 inches are built to last, prevent... ’ fabled history, any modern kitchen can benefit from a good quality martini set is! Kingdom Leopold Coupe glass for many drinkers ideal solution, we ’ ve pulled together some the. High quality lead-free glass is made to last, but not least, are these surprisingly crystal! Four dollars per glass, house warmings, or clouding durable enough for daily use, and garnished with angular... Best possible manner innovative choice in best martini glasses below you an overview, ’! With minerals besides silicone, such as desserts by: Julia Westwood - last updated: 02 Feb 2020 weight... Next cocktail party is over, helping to keep drinks Cool, their durability, and arrive a. Cool martini glasses this set of four stemless martini glasses ; top 10 what are the best martini glasses martini glasses certainly. ( though they do require careful hand-washing ) glass dispenses with the precision and quality of glassware! Choice in best martini glasses. `` re hard wearing and durable drinking vessels other crystal wear the... For a wide range of offers than a martini glass is your pet peeve these! An easy cleaning operation once your cocktail cravings innovative choice in best glasses! Twist – a conical vessel combined with a stylish design with an olive or a loved one ’ dream. However, martini glasses has 4 martini glasses. `` or any Friday night we 're talking coupe-style V-shaped!

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